Florida Mayhem 2019 Season Coaching Staff Update

February 8th, 2019 - Most recently we’ve announced the release of Coach Hyun Jin “R2der” Choi and the promotion of Marvin “Promise” Schroder from Academy Head Coach to the coaching staff of our OWL roster.

Today, we’re delighted to announce that veteran coach Young Su “Yeah” Jung will be joining Mineral and Promise on the Florida Mayhem OWL coaching staff, as well as Season 1 player returnee Sung Hoon “SNT” Kim, who will remain on the active roster as a substitute.

Coach “Yeah” (not be confused with our Head of Player Development, Albert “Yehhh” Yeh!) joined us with a wealth of knowledge, experience, and accomplishment under his belt. Yeah comes from experience at talent-farm Lunatic Hai and most notably holds two major Contenders China titles from his previous team, Lucky Future Zenith.

Head Coach Mineral on Coach Yeah - “Yeah has a great coaching pedigree and brings a lot of valuable experience to our team. I'm very excited to work with him heading into Season 2 of Overwatch League.”

SNT began working closely with the coaching staff early in the pre-season and is eager to continue to provide support to the team while remaining game-ready. His sharp grasp of competitive Overwatch redefined how Winston was played in Korea during APEX Challengers, and we’re thrilled he is bringing that understanding to develop the future of the Florida Mayhem.

Our OWL roster is currently as follows -
Kevin "TviQ" Lindström (DPS)
Damon "Apply" Conti (DPS)
Jeong Woo "Sayaplayer" Ha (DPS)
Hyeon Woo "HaGoPeun" Jo (Support)
Jae Mo "Xepher" Koo (Flex)
Jun Soo "Kris" Choi (Support)
Sang Bum "BQB" Lee (DPS)
Sang Won "Swon" Yoon (Tank)
Sung Hoon "SNT" Kim (Tank)

Coaching Staff -
Vytis "Mineral" Lasaitis (Head Coach)
Young Su "Yeah" Jung (Assistant Coach)
Marvin "Promise" Schröder (Assistant Coach)
Robert Yip (Performance Coach)
Sung Hoon "SNT" Kim (Player - Coach)