Florida Mayhem Welcomes Matt Akhavan as Team Manager

The excitement does not end with the big pickups to our competitive roster, to ensure everyone in the Mayhem family is taken care of we have brought in Matt Akhavan as Team Manager!

Team Manager Matthew Akhavan Kim -

The transition from Misfits Gaming's CS:GO Team to the Florida Mayhem excites me.

Working with the team the past few weeks have been a refreshing experience. The drive, dedication, personality, and mentality is the best I have ever seen.

I have been assisting the creation of a solid infrastructure and practice culture for the players and staff to thrive in. We will improve and strive to become the best.

I hope to bring the dependability and accountability the fans want for Florida Mayhem. I am incredibly excited to bring some mayhem.

Matt Akhavan joins the Mayhem

Misfits Gaming General Manager Joe El-Ouassi with a statement  -

We are extremely excited to have Matt joining our OW team. Matt was fantastic while working with the CSGO team, he has a wealth of experience in a wide array of games. Since he had a pre-existing relationship with the players, it was very easy for us to switch him over. Matt has already been working with the team for the last few weeks and I have no doubt he will continue to make them better.  

Florida Mayhem General Manager Jake Kuhn -

Matt has demonstrated his dominance in ping pong over almost every member of the Florida Mayhem. He was destined to manage this team.

Make sure you follow his Twitter and welcome him to the Florida Mayhem!

Twitter: @mattakhavan
#BringtheMayhem 🌴💣