Roster Update: New Armaments Coming to the Front Line

Roster Update: New Armaments Coming to the Front Line

June 19, 2019 - To further bolster our roster flexibility and increase our potential in the latter half of the Overwatch League’s 2019 season, we’ve made some exciting new additions that we’re happy to finally share with you all. 

These players and coaches will help form a new core to the Mayhem roster, drawing on their past synergies in Korean Contenders to bring the team into a new era of coordination and capability.

Beom-jun "Gargoyle" Lee - Off-Tank, former Armament Esports

Gargoyle will be taking over the starting off-tank role going forward after a long and successful tenure in the WGS frontline. His Zarya is of particular interest to us as a team, and his flexibility across a range of off-tank heroes sets him apart from the rest of our trialed players.

Yong-joon "DPI" Choi - DPS/Off-Tank, former Armament Esports

DPI is set to become our D.Va/flex-DPS specialist moving forward, with a wide hero pool that allows for greater flexibility across a variety of compositions. In a meta that requires more flexibility out of the off-tank role than ever before, we’re excited to see what DPI and Gargoyle can do together.

San-ha "Karayan" Choi - Main Tank, former Armament Esports

Karayan was signed prior to the addition of Pan-seung "Fate" Koo, and will find time in scrims and on stage as we integrate him into the roster. Karayan is known as a highly proficient Reinhardt specialist, and he and Fate will find their niches (as decided upon by the coaching staff) as the needs of the team are determined in more detail.

Jae-ho "RaiN" Park - Main Support, former O2 Blast

RaiN joins the team as a strong main support presence with a wealth of experience in the 3-3 meta. His veteran status and leadership capabilities for O2 Team and O2 Blast are a perfect fit for the system we’re trying to establish, and those capabilities will be used to their fullest extent alongside our other new additions. RaiN has past synergy with Assistant Coach Sang-min "INSIGHT" Oh, who also worked with O2 Blast before joining the Florida Mayhem.  

During their tenure with Armament Esports, Gargoyle, Karayan and DPI made up one of the strongest 3-3 front lines in Korean Contenders. Their coordination and past synergy made for a perfect package deal when we started looking to overhaul the roster earlier this season, and will serve as the next step into a new era for the Florida Mayhem. RaiN will help bring it all together, using his experience as in-game leader to keep the team moving during matches and training sessions alike.

Roster additions are meaningless without a strong staff to guide them, however. With that wisdom in mind, we’re excited to introduce new coaching and analytical staff members, listed below:

Nam-hun “Unread” Oh - Head Coach, former Armament Esports

Unread will be leading the charge into Stage 4, having worked alongside our signees from Armament Esports since October.

“We're really excited to add Unread and KH1 to the Florida Mayhem,” said Assistant GM Scott “BEARHANDS” Tester. “Unread built Armament from the ground up, and has proven his ability to lead a team to success in their multiple playoff runs in Contenders Korea. He developed their tank line into one of the best in the region, and we look forward to adding his knowledge and experience to our coaching staff.”

Hyung-Il “KH1” Kim - Assistant Coach, former Armament Esports

KH1 will be joining the Mayhem alongside his long-time colleague Unread. The two worked together tirelessly to turn Armament Esports into a consistent playoff contender in Korea - results they plan to recreate here in the Overwatch League.

Daumantas “RyuuTsubasa” Krugliakovas - Analyst, former Mayhem Academy

Ryuu is coming back into the fold, having served as a long-term analyst and coach for Mayhem Academy in 2018 and 2019. His prior experience with our staff and our operations as a whole makes him an efficient and effective piece of our puzzle, and we’re happy to have him back!