Thank you Mayhem Academy

In combination with our commitment to the new roster direction and the Valiant trade, we wanted to take a season off to retool our Contenders team at this moment. We look forward to rejoining Contenders in the near future in a way that will synergize with our main team.

We’d like to thank this season’s roster and staff for their hard work, we’ll be working closely with remaining members to assist in finding new opportunities.

Justin “Reprize” Hand - Head Coach
Vishal “CurryshotGG” Nathani - Strategic Coach
Daumantas “Ryuu” Krugliakovas - Analyst

Cameron “Wub” Johnson
Liam “Mangachu” Campbell
Andreas “Epzz” Wallvingskog
Tim “Manneten” Bylund
Nolan “Paintbrush” Edwards

Thank you Academy