Florida skyline

Florida Mayhem

Florida Mayhem, one of the 12 inaugural teams for Overwatch League, is owned and operated by Floridabased esports organization Misfits Gaming and CEO Ben Spoont. Stacked with world-class talent and not afraid to do things differently, Florida Mayhem is proud to represent diverse talent and innovation globally within the industry.
zappis - Joonas Alakurtti
zappis Joonas Alakurtti
Logix - Andreas Berghmans
Logix Andreas Berghmans
Manneten - Tim Bylund
Manneten Tim Bylund
Sayaplayer - Jeong-Woo Ha
Sayaplayer Jeong-Woo Ha
aWesomeGuy - Sung-Hoon Kim
aWesomeGuy Sung-Hoon Kim
CWoosH - Johan Klingestedt
CWoosH Johan Klingestedt
Zuppeh - Aleksi Kuntsi
Zuppeh Aleksi Kuntsi
TviQ - Kevin Lindström
TviQ Kevin Lindström
Zebbosai - Sebastian Olsson
Zebbosai Sebastian Olsson